Work & Life Rants

Businessman has stress - Mann schreit ins Telefon

So here’s the thing, I’ve been working in customer service for 9 years.

I have been a server, a bus boy, answered phone calls, a door to door sales person. I’ve done cold calls, business calls and thank you calls.

In the last 9 years not once have I gotten angry to the point of swearing and or making a scene and i doubt I ever will, it’s just not who I am.

On the other hand i have experienced physical abuse, verbal abuse toward myself my coworkers and even toward my family, The question is why?

Why must you belittle me or my coworkers?

Why must you raise your voice?

Why are swearing in a public venue?

Why did you just spit on me?

Why throw your phone at me? Etc…

is it just that people feel entitled, by the lackadaisical effort towards security. Or is it that you know no matter what You do, nothing will be done to persecute the “customer”

Here’s the thing the CUSTOMER is not always right. If I help you solve a problem is smiling going to kill you?

There is and should be written rules to abide by as a customer in a place of business especially in public. I wish more companies had a stricter guideline on how customers are allowed to treat employees.

(I know this goes against what most people think of as freedom of speech, please prove me wrong)

As retail clerks, phone tech support or customer service we exist literally for one purpose to assist you with what you are doing. Without us, you’d be left on your own to fix your router, explain your bill, help you understand etc… we are here to help chill out.

All I’m asking is to show a little respect to us, and most importantly to yourself. Let me tell you swearing and acting out in public does not make you seem like a “badass” it makes me want to:

A- not help you

B- kick you out

C- ignore anything you say


I hope I’m not the only person who thinks this.

If you have any customer service horror stories feel free to share.

P.S. thank you to the individual who came into the store tonight and motivated me to write this!

P.P.S. If you treat customer service agents great already good job and we appreciate you more than you know!


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