Book Club

Book Series I love and their authors!

  1. Wheel of Time: Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Wheel of time quote

  1. Night Angel Trilogy: Brent Weeks



will be updating as I have time!

What Series do you love? Leave a comment below!


3 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. The “His Dark Materials” trilogy, by what’s his name is pretty damned great.

    For me, it’ll Always be King’s gunslinger anthology. The first book is a bit slow, but holy shit, the seven books are all in my top ten.

    Also, if you like minimalist writing, the Death’s Head trilogy by Gunn is a good read.

    “John Dies at the End” sand it’s sequel are masterpieces of horror/comedy.

    And finally, the Star Wars Thrawn trilogy.

    Read all of these now. Thank me later. Or don’t.


    • Iv’e read thrawn as we have discussed, best star wars now official non cannon haha. Really good read. I’ve been a fan of Stephen king since I could read. So the Gunslinger series I have read the others I can chalk them up on the list to read! Thanks Alex!


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