They Killed my D&D Campaign…. Enter Shadowrun

After the heroes from the last campaign decided it was a good idea to piss off a nearly epic Drow Wizard and his two subordinates the campaign has thoroughly ended without nearly the conclusion I was hoping for.

Someone threw a small boat, a necklace of fireballs exploded and a huge orc riding a bear appeared out of thin air… oh the things that can happen in Dungeons & Dragons. Well needless to say they all died in a fiery explosion of death and destruction and all claimed to have “beaten” My campaign.

About 1 month after that fateful hour the group got back together for another go at a role-playing game. This time Shadowrun….

Pause for dramatic effect…

So most of you will have nooooo idea what I’m writing about but that’s okay, I’m gonna write any was so piss off if you don’t want to read it.

That Might have been a LITTLE Harsh Please stay and enjoy the unfurling of a hopefully great story.

I guess I’ll lay down some plot so you’re not entirely lost in this dangerous and shadowy world… did you get my pun there

All of this story comes from the perspective of my character in the Shadowrun world and seeing as he is a bit of a liar his parts may or may not be slightly embellished. Oh yeah, plot I almost forgot. So here we are in 2061 slumming around the metroplex known as Seattle. I am 17 years old in high school and well the world has gotten a little bit strange.

I also have a part time job working as “mall Security” in the asset protection division a very prestigious and entitled job, so don’t mock me mhmmmk.

I’d say its around 8 o’clock at night as my holographic wrist phone shouts its alarm at me that my shift has just about finished at three pines mall (easter egg)

The eerie glow of the nearly set sun through the gaseous haze that rests over downtown Seattle signals that it’s time I get on my horse and do a perimeter check. I leave my multi simmed, multi monitored, old school security set-up after scanning for signs of life i get up and lock the doors to my inner sanctum. My lair

Strolling along the outside of building picking up all the fragging trash left by the idiot mall goers I make my way towards the parking lot to check for cars and see Lance is waiting to pick me up.

I stay to the shadows and hide from anyone’s sight as I check the dimly lit parking lot for possible pedestrians. Keeping to the side of the building and out of sight i peek around the corner and see an over-sized unmarked van and a red ancient car the looks hideous, with two people that I can barley make out through the haze that’s circulating  within the car.

Those bastards are Toking up in my parking lot. Right next to the last original pine in outside the lot. A large bird that almost looks like a pigeon lands on the hood of the car and makes a soft coo. It peers into the car as an explosion rips through the windshield of the disgusting red car and whats now a ruinous bloody and feather riddled puff of air where the pigeon was.

Holy shiv they just geeked that bird, for no reason. A moment later a loud sneeze can be heard from the bourgy red car as three large orks relieve themselves from the van that now has a sizable bullet hole in the side of the van. They look like they mean business as the stroll right up to the car, carrying clubs and stun batons.

“Hey” the biggest ugliest trog yells as he slams his large tree trunk sized club onto crappy hood of the crappy car.

The driver comes into view as the smoke clears from the exit hole in his windshield and an elf steps out of the drivers side points his gun haphazardly at the ork and pulls the trigger.

“the car is Fraggin’ red you damned twitch!” the leaders head rocks back from the impact of the bullet as his nearest buddy flies into a rage and beats on the letter jacket wearing elf that I now realize is from my school. “you can’t hit me I’m Brad MotherFraggin’ J Taylor” The club easily knowcks down the obviously high and drunk elf as the leader recovers from the shock of being shot in the face and with just a cut on his head to show that Brad even shot him explodes into motion further shattering the windshield as he tries to hit Brad with his Oversized Club.

“BRADDDDD!!!!!!!!! A cry screams through the night from the passenger size as another youth from my high school attempts to exist the car and falls nearly face first out the drivers side door getting his huge ork body tangled with what ever was inside the car.

Okay, here’s my chance I can really be a hero those guys are getting the crud kicked out of them. I should probably save them. no that guy shot a bird then shot the ork. they are part of my school though and brad is fairly popular he just graduated. Maybe I can become popular.

As my inner monologue is proceeding I start moving silently and stealthily towards the drivers side vehicle of the van as a feel the adrenaline from my body kick in and magic infuses my limbs. It makes me stronger and faster a lesson from my deceased father when he found out i was aspected, or having magic ability.

I couragously sneak my way past the commotion as brad and the young ork continue to get the shit kicked in. I hop into the van and realize that I have no idea how this damned thing works. I’m no rigger or decker, I mean i perfectly understand how it operates and slam it the gear lever up then back down and turn the key. I find another club and jam it on the accelerator and herocially roll out of the side of the van a few feet from the hedge the van was parked next to.

The Van’s engine squeals to life as I expect it to explode forward in motion but says put as it sounds like the engine is gonna explode. I take the opportunity and distraction to jump into the hedge and see if i can witness what happens next.

Looking back at the scene Brad has lost his pistol and the young ork is being badly beaten by the go-gangers. I turn on my voice modulator from the safety of my position and unbeknownst to everyone there I yell,

“this is Lone star we have you surrounded put away your weapons and leave the premises” pretty crafty if i don’t say so myself.

Somehow all of the Gangers woop and holler like a bunch of crowing idiots and start heading my way. I notice the engine has created a dense smog in the area and attempt to steal myself around the van now screaming in protest from being red-lined for so long. Sneak around the hedge and into the open feeling self satisfied that I won’t be caught now and try walking away from the incident like there wasn’t a care in the world.

I feel immense pain as an electric shock travels through my body and instantly incapacitates me, I slam into the ground and as soon as i get my bearings I call 911 and give them my location and whats happening. The young ork had somehow escaped from the other gang members and now slammed his body into the one who attacked me.

That’s how i had the opportunity to call for help, radio in calvary, call the platoon you know because I’m pretty much awesome. About to stand up I feel a large wetspo… I mean i heroically stand and turn to fight just as i catch the stun baton right beneath my eye blinding me as I crumple to the ground.

An idea!!!! As i lay there stunned maybe I can act dead like if a bear were attacking me they will leave me alone. I concentrate all of my being on not breathing and seeming well dead.

I bet you can guess what happened next, after my Shakespearean display of awesome acting i over hear the ganger, the poser, the trog the ugly SOB. well you get the picture  say “hey he actually called 911 his holo phone is still active we should get out of here” – his ugly mouth slurring together the words

almost unconscious I wait for them to leave and check with brad and the kid. I wake them up and we decide to get out of here and head to brads house.

Holy shit that was intense… whats going to happen next, if you want to find out let me know and ill write the next episode In the Teysean “Ike” Krule Kings log.

If you liked it or hated or want to see what happens from a different perspective let me know in the comments!!!


5 thoughts on “They Killed my D&D Campaign…. Enter Shadowrun

    • yes there are bears, there are even magically active bears that roam the country side just outside of Seattle capable of complex thought….
      Now isn’t that absolutely frightening a Magically enhanced “super-bear” capable of thought projection and body enhancement…


  1. Ah shit, this looks like the perfect place to pick up some new ideas for an awesome campaign I’m getting ready to run.


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