The Adventure Continues

So the adventure continues

Because I am a terrible person I have skipped many weeks of blogs and will pick up where we left off last week. With a brief synopsis of what has happened so far.

Our adventures met and by some unforeseen happenstance all met at the Hopping Ale Inn and tavern (insert D&D Cliche’ here) Long story short, they met the innkeeper Aldon with his wide girth twitchy eye and unkempt red hair. He is the owner of said establishment. After the Dragonborn P wiggles and his “mother” sat down for a meal and to hear the local news.

By their look, you know a half dragon half human and a demonic looking person with a reddish tint to his skin the innkeeper looks to ask their assistance with a quest. Meanwhile our hearty bard enraptures the audience with stories from past generations and a breathtaking display of juggling.

Now… continue forward after sleeping with many daughters of the innkeeper and meeting new friends all the while felling many goblins, kobolds, orcs and dark dwarves the band finds itself on a wild goose chase to kill a roaming goblin and orc band, stealing the local Lords taxes and money…

The troop which now has a bard, druid, ranger, wizard and fighter warlock thing start their quest north into the coven forest.

“so the orcs and goblins are to the north through the forest right?”-bard

“well I think so… what was that guys name again?”- wizard

“it was Lord kara something or another I don’t know was anyone paying attention?”-ranger

DM- “everyone make an intelligence check”

Party- all fails intelligence check no one remembers the lords name or the exact direction of the orc band. “well looks like we go through the forest”-DM

DM- “so you all remember his name as Lord Carroline”… congrats

The first day passes uneventfully and the party moves farther through the forest without any interruptions. The second day the sun becomes hidden behind the canopy of the forest and the party continues its trek through the forest after a couple of failed nature checks to make sure they are going the right way.

A fog appears and the ground becomes boggy. The party struggles to move very fast through the forest and as evening dawns they hear a plea for help.

“help! My daughter she’s missing… Please help!”- after a short while of searching a beautiful woman appears through the fog and acquiesces the party for help in finding the daughter. Being the good party they are they decide to help the random stranger walking through a haunted forest with just her daughter.

“I’m so lost, where could she have gone?” – the woman exclaims leading them deeper and west through the forest. The going gets tougher and the fog thicker and nobody is able to make this lady talk about her kid in the distraught frame of mind she is in. Up ahead lies a small clearing and the guttural noise of swallowing flesh.

The party hears no screams and a soft sobbing coming from the woman. They warily approach the sound at the edge of a pond with the boggy forest.

“AHHHHHH!” woman screams and runs forward attacking the creature apparently feasting upon the flesh dead child

“make a perception check” – DM

Party- 3 natural 20’s “god damnit”- DM

Here is the scene laid before you a garish and grey creature feeds upon the corpse of a beautiful woman. Its stomach ripped open having recently given an extraordinarily gruesome C-section a baby wails in the distance. A cottage appears through the fog past the pond. A blood curdling wail of a child needing nourishment from its mother, woman laying as a corpse on the ground looks strikingly similar to the lady who brought them here.

The woman transforms in-front of them becoming the exact picture of death. Her hair thins our and her flesh looks as if it is melting off of her wiry frame. She cackles wildly and flings some unknown magic in the direction of the group. ..

The druid falls in its protector ship of its “mother” and has to be healed worriedly from the few provisions the party set out with. The fight ends with one final slash through the Hags neck with a greatsword that sends its inky blood cascading from its body and covering our nearby heroes.

Sometime later after destroying both the ghoul and what we now know was a “green hag” the party searches the camp and finds the baby unharmed but needing nourishment. Seeing as none of them are women and the idea of milking one of the dragonborn is out of the question they go south seeking the village they left for help.

They make haste south only to find out they are many miles out of their way and had gotten themselves extremely lost after their encounter with the green hag. Although it did benefit the party with many items of loot from her cabin, including a glowing necklace with 7 gems arrayed upon it, warm to the touch.

They reach the road in safety and ask a fellow traveler upon the road for directions to the nearest town. Only a short 3 mile or so hike carrying a baby. That seems most at home in the bards arms. Its hair bright red matches that of the bards and he silently ponders whether this was his doing.

There we ended for the night. Having concluded the party then asked what they were going to do with the baby and planned for next week.


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