Imagination- where has it gone

Are our children and the younger generation in general desensitized to imagination?

When was the last time you saw some kids playing cops and robbers? Or maybe ghost in the graveyard, any number of possible games from our childhood.

What happened to all of the kids getting together at night and playing kick the can and scraping up our knees just to have our parents smile and admonish us for ruining a new pair of pants?

Our children seek to escape to a digital world now instead of their own mind. They seek YouTube and cartoons instead of sunshine or their own minds. They are inundated with bright colors and touch screens that leave nothing for them to think on. All of their problems are solved with one google search and hardly are they required to think outside of the box.

What has this world come to, that we don’t see our imaginations being used or tested? I believe that it is one of the greatest redeeming qualities in people. It seems we are breeding the ability to dream, to stretch our imaginary wings and fly. We get caught up in what everyone else is doing, because we have unprecedented access to the world around us. We lose our introspection, and seek to diminish those around us instead of enlivening them.

I guess I don’t have much more to say on the subject it was just kind of a passing thought after witnessing some kids playing at a playground recently. They sat on the swings and jungle gym with phones and tablets in their hands. Instead of smiles an laughter I saw a disliking for being outside, it just seems to me that if we continue upon the path we are going we will lose ourselves and our imaginations before long.

In the end I guess I am saying, have fun, be outside, live laugh and smile and try and make your first option for entertainment a sense of community instead of television.

Even escaping into a fictional world is preferential, now I am not saying that I do not watch TV because I do. I watch it in moderation, but I also seek to keep my imagination alive. I play role playing games and vicariously live through fictional characters in a book. I live their lives, their hardships and their successes, their memories become mine as we shape the world around in as positive of a light as possible.

So maybe just maybe the next time you’re walking through a park, or going on a hike pick up that stick nearby and make a laser “pew pew” noise and try and destroy your enemies. Whether it’s the evil space dog trying to take over the universe or the benevolent soldiers invading your homeland, keep an open mind and play.


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