Recently I started a new DND Campaign… stuff happens

So recently I endeavored to start a new Dungeon and Dragons campaign with a few of my friends, this is a glimpse into the world that I’ve created as a DM (dungeon Master) and a story carved out in the minds of the players.

So I guess that leads us into the characters of the campaign.

To start off we have

  • Tiefling Wizard named Ash Quest.

A former orphan who grew up on the streets struggling to make it by. Until he was taken in by a stranger name Aghto. Who cared for him and taught him the “ways” of the street. He owes Aghto his life. Ash leaves the streets when he finds steals an egg that provides unnatural warmth. It hatches into a dragonborn (half dragon half human creature), he adopts as its adoptive mother. Now he  struggles in the world raising a a baby dragonborn, trying to carve out a name for himself in the annals of Faerun.

He seems to always have “a guy” who can get something done for him. He also thinks all nice acts have a hidden evil intent.

  • His “child”

Pee Wiggles, you’ll have to ask his “mother” about his name, never the less, a dragonborn that naturally developed into a fury of nature. An overly intelligent 5 year old that can speak like 6 languages, to the frustration of the DM yours truly. He is currently impulsive young and generally good at pissing me off.

  • Yeo-Ja-a Artifact AKA “Art”

A Half-Elf Charlatan, a jokester someone who is always willing to soil your daughter and tell the story about it later. A prevaricator, a slanderer, and maybe a gentleman. An overly charismatic person constantly displaying his “wares”/

Interesting note: He has a raverse mohawk of blood red hair. He also has a tattoo “Path to Enlightenment” somewhere on his person, I’ll let your mind fill in the rest.

So these were the starting players. Since others have joined and as you join me on this most fantastic journey you will get to know and hopefully love the characters of the story.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!


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