Bartimaeus, The Amulet of Samarkand

Book by Jonathan Stroud,

I was recommended this book by a friend of mine and I am exceptionally grateful for it. Nothing piques my interest more than fantasy fiction, or in other words magic. Luckily for me this book was chalk full of it and puts an interesting spin on how we would perceive magic.

The book Follows a young man (apprentice) Nathaniel who is learning to be come a magician. Okay, so this part sounds kinda familiar, most of us have heard of Harry Potter by now. In this world Nathaniel is apprenticed to a magician who is working for the government. His master never really pays attention to him, thus allowing his brilliant 12 year old mind to work on projects of his own. Like summoning demons…

Did I mention that in this world the way that magicians get their power is from the summoning of demons. Things like imps, foliots, utukku and djinni. If you don’t know what they are research them, I do not feel like explaining it mostly because I’m lazy. So where were we, oh yeah, Nathaniel age 12 summoning demons. So without his masters consent he sets straight to it.

Low and behold, the namesake to the book, Bartimaeus a Djinni of the 14th level. Which might I add is rather impressive. He summons it and immediately sets it to work for him, having set all of the preparations correctly the djinni must follow his orders.

Like most other books, it’s a harrowing tale of fight and flight. With a hint of magic and wizardry, the two proceed to make all sorts of trouble and by the end gain a certain amount of fame and acknowledgement.

The story is fast moving and most readers will be able to fly through the 460 or so pages it takes to finish. A light read from a refreshing author with an interesting take on magic. I would definitely recommend this book to any body.


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