We rely on our phone too much!

What is the first thing you grab in the morning, probably to turn the alarm off?

When your phone is missing, does it feel like your life is over?

I haven’t received a notification in like 8 minutes!!!!!! Everybody hates me!

When your phone dies, do you remember anyone’s number?

What would happen if cellular service just stopped and we couldn’t make phone calls to our loved ones? If the 911 system went down and we had an emergency?

So a few Interesting facts about Cell Phones

1. More people have cell phones in the world than those that have toilets.

2. In The early days of Cell phones they Sold for nearly $4000 (200 hundred doesn’t sound so bad now does it)

3. According to researchers from the University of Exeter in the U.K. Cell phones decrease guys chance of having babies by 8% when they keep a cell phone in their pocket over half the day.

4. When you blend an iPhone it turns to powder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBUJcD6Ws6s

5. 9 in 10 people experience the phenomenon of ghost vibrations, ghost ringing.

6. Cell phones contain 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles (gross, I touch them all day)

Just a few facts about our beloved devices.

All I’m saying is something has to give, we see it more and more where we can’t put down our cell phones and we are ignoring the possibilities in front of us because we are surrounded with beautiful shinning technology. We live in a day where communicating through technology is more prevalent than the spoken word.

I have a problem with that, I suppose I shouldn’t because it keeps me in a job, of which I am thankful to have. Seriously though let’s take a deeper look at our reliance on the little piece of technology called a cell phone.  We keep it in our pockets, guys just warning you its killing off your future babies. We hold it up to our ears and heads, yet most of us have no idea how it works or what makes cell phone technology tick.

I can tell you it’s not magic, even though it seems the majority of people believe that cell phone coverage should be everywhere and quite honestly anyone who believes it is stupid.

The fact that you can with something in your hand, call or text another human being across the planet is fucking extraordinary. The fact that it works nearly 99% of the time is really something we should be quite proud of… but we aren’t. It has to be perfect, when your phone does not make that call or the text didn’t send in 30 seconds the world…..




Stops, and you are left wondering what kind of piece of garbage you have. okay, that’s fine really, I understand where you’re coming from. WE have all been there, but don’t take it out on your phone or your cell carrier things happen. Just be happy that you can even attempt to do that in the first place.

I probably just sound like I’m whining but you can all deal with it. I hope that everyone’s cell phone breaks, and nobody is able to use them. That the infrastructure collapses, maybe not forever but just a short time. I just want to reintroduce us to humanity and stop the feeling of entitlement that we have because we live in “this day and age”.

So when it’s a nice day outside, go for a walk. Leave your cell phone at home. When you are at the dinner table put it down and talk to your family/ friends!

Also, I found this awesome idea while surfing the net. If you go out with your friends everyone takes their cell phones out and places them on the table. The first person to look at it pays everyone’s bill.



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