Pen and Paper Role Playing games (PNPRPG)

I play as many games like Dungeons & Dragons and Shadowrun as possible and honestly i think you should too.characters

First there is soo much to love about playing a game like this. You can be whoever want to be. You can do whatever you want, and you are only limited by your imagination on what you can accomplish in these games.

The basics, what do you need for Dungeons & Dragons?

Someone willing to create a story and be a rules master. You are called the GM (game master) or DM (dungeon master)

Books called the Core rule books.

Book one: the players handbook. This book has all you need to create your character. Has all the rules you need to understand the game mechanics, this is where an experienced DM comes in handy. Someone to guide you through the process.

Book two: The monster manual, this book has all the bad guys and monsters you could ever hope to face as an adventurer.

Book three: The Dungeons Masters guide, this is all the nitty gritty stuff, the stuff your DM will use to craft a story special to you. This book will have all of the valuable loot, you want to secure. The dragons hoard, the evil dictators legendary weapon. The King’s artifact of unfailing youth.

So you have the books, a group of friends you are willing to spend a significant amount of time with and most importantly your own dice. You can get dice online from amazon or you can support your local hobby or comics book shop. They carry the dice you will need.

After all of this you are ready to go, so whats next?

Creating your character; some of you have played video games before and have had a chance to customize your character, now you have control of everything. Ill run down a few examples but there is just too much to say here, If you want to know, you’ll just have to play.

So you pick your class, which is kind of like an archetype. What kind of character do you want to be? Do you want to be a powerful wizard wreaking havoc with fireballs or a raging barbarian tearing apart your foes with a trust battle axe? Maybe you want to fight from the shadows and steal your way to glory as a thief or you want to control nature and have a cuddly dire bear as an animal companion.

After the class you can pick your race, from humans elves and dwarves to monstrous races like dragonborn.

After you have the base picked out; you can then customize to your hearts content. Size, do you want to make them huge, or blue haired. Maybe you want to be a 4’8″ elf that is overly skinny and only weighs 90 lbs.. well you can. This is when you make the choices for your character that will affect who they are.

You can add personality quirks, you want your character to have turrets? this can be bad by the way. Ok we are going sneak up on that group of orcs is everyone ready? Krum the half orc Barbarian says “Sweet Sexy Cakes”… the group stares at Krum as the group of orcs rushes over to them after the uncontrolled expression out of the barbarians mouth. The group is slow to react each member of the party remains in a poleaxed state.

See sometimes not all ideas are good ideas. But if you really want to flesh out your character now would be the time to do it. Give them life, and most importantly make them unique. instead of being blond haired tall and good looking. Describe how they are good looking, or he has shoulder length blond hair wrapped up in a ponytail that hasnt been cut since his last defeat in battle.

The trick is getting creative, make them stand out, give them a backstory. Who was your characters family? why do they adventure? What are their secret motives? Are you good or bad, maybe somewhere inbetween?

Wow, all of this and we haven’t even started playing yet? thats right this part is as important as actually playing. Then again don’t get to attached its a game and well your character can get unlucky and die. It happens, take it as a time to move on and start over.

D&D is a game of creativity, adventure and fun. So get some friends together get a few books and give it a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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