They Killed my D&D Campaign…. Enter Shadowrun

After the heroes from the last campaign decided it was a good idea to piss off a nearly epic Drow Wizard and his two subordinates the campaign has thoroughly ended without nearly the conclusion I was hoping for.

Someone threw a small boat, a necklace of fireballs exploded and a huge orc riding a bear appeared out of thin air… oh the things that can happen in Dungeons & Dragons. Well needless to say they all died in a fiery explosion of death and destruction and all claimed to have “beaten” My campaign.

About 1 month after that fateful hour the group got back together for another go at a role-playing game. This time Shadowrun….

Pause for dramatic effect…

So most of you will have nooooo idea what I’m writing about but that’s okay, I’m gonna write any was so piss off if you don’t want to read it.

That Might have been a LITTLE Harsh Please stay and enjoy the unfurling of a hopefully great story.

I guess I’ll lay down some plot so you’re not entirely lost in this dangerous and shadowy world… did you get my pun there

All of this story comes from the perspective of my character in the Shadowrun world and seeing as he is a bit of a liar his parts may or may not be slightly embellished. Oh yeah, plot I almost forgot. So here we are in 2061 slumming around the metroplex known as Seattle. I am 17 years old in high school and well the world has gotten a little bit strange.

I also have a part time job working as “mall Security” in the asset protection division a very prestigious and entitled job, so don’t mock me mhmmmk.

I’d say its around 8 o’clock at night as my holographic wrist phone shouts its alarm at me that my shift has just about finished at three pines mall (easter egg)

The eerie glow of the nearly set sun through the gaseous haze that rests over downtown Seattle signals that it’s time I get on my horse and do a perimeter check. I leave my multi simmed, multi monitored, old school security set-up after scanning for signs of life i get up and lock the doors to my inner sanctum. My lair

Strolling along the outside of building picking up all the fragging trash left by the idiot mall goers I make my way towards the parking lot to check for cars and see Lance is waiting to pick me up.

I stay to the shadows and hide from anyone’s sight as I check the dimly lit parking lot for possible pedestrians. Keeping to the side of the building and out of sight i peek around the corner and see an over-sized unmarked van and a red ancient car the looks hideous, with two people that I can barley make out through the haze that’s circulating  within the car.

Those bastards are Toking up in my parking lot. Right next to the last original pine in outside the lot. A large bird that almost looks like a pigeon lands on the hood of the car and makes a soft coo. It peers into the car as an explosion rips through the windshield of the disgusting red car and whats now a ruinous bloody and feather riddled puff of air where the pigeon was.

Holy shiv they just geeked that bird, for no reason. A moment later a loud sneeze can be heard from the bourgy red car as three large orks relieve themselves from the van that now has a sizable bullet hole in the side of the van. They look like they mean business as the stroll right up to the car, carrying clubs and stun batons.

“Hey” the biggest ugliest trog yells as he slams his large tree trunk sized club onto crappy hood of the crappy car.

The driver comes into view as the smoke clears from the exit hole in his windshield and an elf steps out of the drivers side points his gun haphazardly at the ork and pulls the trigger.

“the car is Fraggin’ red you damned twitch!” the leaders head rocks back from the impact of the bullet as his nearest buddy flies into a rage and beats on the letter jacket wearing elf that I now realize is from my school. “you can’t hit me I’m Brad MotherFraggin’ J Taylor” The club easily knowcks down the obviously high and drunk elf as the leader recovers from the shock of being shot in the face and with just a cut on his head to show that Brad even shot him explodes into motion further shattering the windshield as he tries to hit Brad with his Oversized Club.

“BRADDDDD!!!!!!!!! A cry screams through the night from the passenger size as another youth from my high school attempts to exist the car and falls nearly face first out the drivers side door getting his huge ork body tangled with what ever was inside the car.

Okay, here’s my chance I can really be a hero those guys are getting the crud kicked out of them. I should probably save them. no that guy shot a bird then shot the ork. they are part of my school though and brad is fairly popular he just graduated. Maybe I can become popular.

As my inner monologue is proceeding I start moving silently and stealthily towards the drivers side vehicle of the van as a feel the adrenaline from my body kick in and magic infuses my limbs. It makes me stronger and faster a lesson from my deceased father when he found out i was aspected, or having magic ability.

I couragously sneak my way past the commotion as brad and the young ork continue to get the shit kicked in. I hop into the van and realize that I have no idea how this damned thing works. I’m no rigger or decker, I mean i perfectly understand how it operates and slam it the gear lever up then back down and turn the key. I find another club and jam it on the accelerator and herocially roll out of the side of the van a few feet from the hedge the van was parked next to.

The Van’s engine squeals to life as I expect it to explode forward in motion but says put as it sounds like the engine is gonna explode. I take the opportunity and distraction to jump into the hedge and see if i can witness what happens next.

Looking back at the scene Brad has lost his pistol and the young ork is being badly beaten by the go-gangers. I turn on my voice modulator from the safety of my position and unbeknownst to everyone there I yell,

“this is Lone star we have you surrounded put away your weapons and leave the premises” pretty crafty if i don’t say so myself.

Somehow all of the Gangers woop and holler like a bunch of crowing idiots and start heading my way. I notice the engine has created a dense smog in the area and attempt to steal myself around the van now screaming in protest from being red-lined for so long. Sneak around the hedge and into the open feeling self satisfied that I won’t be caught now and try walking away from the incident like there wasn’t a care in the world.

I feel immense pain as an electric shock travels through my body and instantly incapacitates me, I slam into the ground and as soon as i get my bearings I call 911 and give them my location and whats happening. The young ork had somehow escaped from the other gang members and now slammed his body into the one who attacked me.

That’s how i had the opportunity to call for help, radio in calvary, call the platoon you know because I’m pretty much awesome. About to stand up I feel a large wetspo… I mean i heroically stand and turn to fight just as i catch the stun baton right beneath my eye blinding me as I crumple to the ground.

An idea!!!! As i lay there stunned maybe I can act dead like if a bear were attacking me they will leave me alone. I concentrate all of my being on not breathing and seeming well dead.

I bet you can guess what happened next, after my Shakespearean display of awesome acting i over hear the ganger, the poser, the trog the ugly SOB. well you get the picture  say “hey he actually called 911 his holo phone is still active we should get out of here” – his ugly mouth slurring together the words

almost unconscious I wait for them to leave and check with brad and the kid. I wake them up and we decide to get out of here and head to brads house.

Holy shit that was intense… whats going to happen next, if you want to find out let me know and ill write the next episode In the Teysean “Ike” Krule Kings log.

If you liked it or hated or want to see what happens from a different perspective let me know in the comments!!!


Imagination- where has it gone

Are our children and the younger generation in general desensitized to imagination?

When was the last time you saw some kids playing cops and robbers? Or maybe ghost in the graveyard, any number of possible games from our childhood.

What happened to all of the kids getting together at night and playing kick the can and scraping up our knees just to have our parents smile and admonish us for ruining a new pair of pants?

Our children seek to escape to a digital world now instead of their own mind. They seek YouTube and cartoons instead of sunshine or their own minds. They are inundated with bright colors and touch screens that leave nothing for them to think on. All of their problems are solved with one google search and hardly are they required to think outside of the box.

What has this world come to, that we don’t see our imaginations being used or tested? I believe that it is one of the greatest redeeming qualities in people. It seems we are breeding the ability to dream, to stretch our imaginary wings and fly. We get caught up in what everyone else is doing, because we have unprecedented access to the world around us. We lose our introspection, and seek to diminish those around us instead of enlivening them.

I guess I don’t have much more to say on the subject it was just kind of a passing thought after witnessing some kids playing at a playground recently. They sat on the swings and jungle gym with phones and tablets in their hands. Instead of smiles an laughter I saw a disliking for being outside, it just seems to me that if we continue upon the path we are going we will lose ourselves and our imaginations before long.

In the end I guess I am saying, have fun, be outside, live laugh and smile and try and make your first option for entertainment a sense of community instead of television.

Even escaping into a fictional world is preferential, now I am not saying that I do not watch TV because I do. I watch it in moderation, but I also seek to keep my imagination alive. I play role playing games and vicariously live through fictional characters in a book. I live their lives, their hardships and their successes, their memories become mine as we shape the world around in as positive of a light as possible.

So maybe just maybe the next time you’re walking through a park, or going on a hike pick up that stick nearby and make a laser “pew pew” noise and try and destroy your enemies. Whether it’s the evil space dog trying to take over the universe or the benevolent soldiers invading your homeland, keep an open mind and play.

The Adventure Continues

So the adventure continues

Because I am a terrible person I have skipped many weeks of blogs and will pick up where we left off last week. With a brief synopsis of what has happened so far.

Our adventures met and by some unforeseen happenstance all met at the Hopping Ale Inn and tavern (insert D&D Cliche’ here) Long story short, they met the innkeeper Aldon with his wide girth twitchy eye and unkempt red hair. He is the owner of said establishment. After the Dragonborn P wiggles and his “mother” sat down for a meal and to hear the local news.

By their look, you know a half dragon half human and a demonic looking person with a reddish tint to his skin the innkeeper looks to ask their assistance with a quest. Meanwhile our hearty bard enraptures the audience with stories from past generations and a breathtaking display of juggling.

Now… continue forward after sleeping with many daughters of the innkeeper and meeting new friends all the while felling many goblins, kobolds, orcs and dark dwarves the band finds itself on a wild goose chase to kill a roaming goblin and orc band, stealing the local Lords taxes and money…

The troop which now has a bard, druid, ranger, wizard and fighter warlock thing start their quest north into the coven forest.

“so the orcs and goblins are to the north through the forest right?”-bard

“well I think so… what was that guys name again?”- wizard

“it was Lord kara something or another I don’t know was anyone paying attention?”-ranger

DM- “everyone make an intelligence check”

Party- all fails intelligence check no one remembers the lords name or the exact direction of the orc band. “well looks like we go through the forest”-DM

DM- “so you all remember his name as Lord Carroline”… congrats

The first day passes uneventfully and the party moves farther through the forest without any interruptions. The second day the sun becomes hidden behind the canopy of the forest and the party continues its trek through the forest after a couple of failed nature checks to make sure they are going the right way.

A fog appears and the ground becomes boggy. The party struggles to move very fast through the forest and as evening dawns they hear a plea for help.

“help! My daughter she’s missing… Please help!”- after a short while of searching a beautiful woman appears through the fog and acquiesces the party for help in finding the daughter. Being the good party they are they decide to help the random stranger walking through a haunted forest with just her daughter.

“I’m so lost, where could she have gone?” – the woman exclaims leading them deeper and west through the forest. The going gets tougher and the fog thicker and nobody is able to make this lady talk about her kid in the distraught frame of mind she is in. Up ahead lies a small clearing and the guttural noise of swallowing flesh.

The party hears no screams and a soft sobbing coming from the woman. They warily approach the sound at the edge of a pond with the boggy forest.

“AHHHHHH!” woman screams and runs forward attacking the creature apparently feasting upon the flesh dead child

“make a perception check” – DM

Party- 3 natural 20’s “god damnit”- DM

Here is the scene laid before you a garish and grey creature feeds upon the corpse of a beautiful woman. Its stomach ripped open having recently given an extraordinarily gruesome C-section a baby wails in the distance. A cottage appears through the fog past the pond. A blood curdling wail of a child needing nourishment from its mother, woman laying as a corpse on the ground looks strikingly similar to the lady who brought them here.

The woman transforms in-front of them becoming the exact picture of death. Her hair thins our and her flesh looks as if it is melting off of her wiry frame. She cackles wildly and flings some unknown magic in the direction of the group. ..

The druid falls in its protector ship of its “mother” and has to be healed worriedly from the few provisions the party set out with. The fight ends with one final slash through the Hags neck with a greatsword that sends its inky blood cascading from its body and covering our nearby heroes.

Sometime later after destroying both the ghoul and what we now know was a “green hag” the party searches the camp and finds the baby unharmed but needing nourishment. Seeing as none of them are women and the idea of milking one of the dragonborn is out of the question they go south seeking the village they left for help.

They make haste south only to find out they are many miles out of their way and had gotten themselves extremely lost after their encounter with the green hag. Although it did benefit the party with many items of loot from her cabin, including a glowing necklace with 7 gems arrayed upon it, warm to the touch.

They reach the road in safety and ask a fellow traveler upon the road for directions to the nearest town. Only a short 3 mile or so hike carrying a baby. That seems most at home in the bards arms. Its hair bright red matches that of the bards and he silently ponders whether this was his doing.

There we ended for the night. Having concluded the party then asked what they were going to do with the baby and planned for next week.

A poem to pass the time.

we stare at the future ever wondering ever living never delivering.

we feel at the tempest ever believing ever hoping never moving.

we are a horror, we resist it, we harness it we misuse it but we don’t understand it.

thus will be our downfall, as that of the Romans and Greeks we must learn from it.

What is it, what is it, what do we hear?

what is it, what is it, what do we fear?

Change a tempestuous element of benign origin.

We seek it yet cower from it.

We live it yet yield from it.

What is it, what is it, why do we care?

what is it, what is it, why do we stare?

Its frightful gaze lures us in ever wondering ever living never delivering.

its fearful storm corrupts us ever believing ever hoping never moving.

These words have been written, and its future has been cast.

now our minds have bitten, perhaps, perhaps we will last.

The mystery of Contemplation.

So today on my day off, I sit and am bored with the seemingly simple life a day off gives me. It exiles me to a day that I can do anything, accomplish my goals, and pursue my hearts desires so and so on.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what my life desires truly are, I contemplate and seethe with the frustration that I may never know what I am supposed to do. Right now I am filled with happiness, for I am loved by family and friends. I have a wife, whom I most assuredly adore and have pledged my life to. I have a purpose knowing that we will live together for the rest of our days.

The problem lies, with what else I should do, I love to write and read. If I had a choice I would do everything I possibly could by the end, an end none of us feel free to dwell on. So here I am considering what to do in my life, and it seems at the age of 25 that my life has an infinite amount of possibilities, and here I can grasp none of them.

I guess unlike most I don’t desire to be rich or wealthy in a generalized and often misused sense of the term. I want to have known that I have made a difference in life. In those lives around me and across as broad of spectrum as possible. So I sit and contemplate, I know not how to accomplish this.

This is why I assemble at my computer desk typing on an archaic machine we know as a desktop PC. In the merest hope that putting my mind on “paper”, a tangible substance that I can work out my feelings on the subject.

Following this train of thought, I come to a crux, the core of the problem, a perplexing and pivotal conundrum. I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up!?!!?!

Perhaps a list of options would help me decide.

  • Author- this is perhaps the dream in which I will definitely try and succeed but here insofar has eluded me. The mental cohesion and cerebral fortitude has absconded me, and will continue to do so until I put my mind to it.
  • Politian- here is a place where I feel I can make the biggest difference. Feasibly in conjunction with my first choice. To start I feel the current system of Government in the United States is appalling and needs to be changed. I feel I could be a catalyst for that change. I see what our way of life is doing to us, and someone needs to stand up. I want to be that person, desperately. My enigma is figuring out how.
  • Journalist- I can enrapture the ideas I hold most dear unto my listeners. Just maybe changing the actions of an individual perchance accomplishing something great. To reach an audience as wide as the world and deliver on my promises.
  • Start a business- I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what business that would be. Something that I could call my own. A piece of my legacy to be left behind for future generations of Michels’. To follow in the footsteps of fathers previously and endow my children with the knowledge and fortune of my life.

Those are perhaps my biggest dreams, my aspirations and when I gaze upon the list I made I worry that I am too high. I reach for stars that don’t exist for a person like myself. I have no degree from a university. (Of which I plan to rectify in the near future)

I have not had the benefit of being bestowed “means”. My family instead has given me love, and a chivalrous nature. A wanting to do something better and bigger, not ambition in the oldest sense of the word. I can see it as a benevolent ambition a wanting to help and improve myself and my fellow man and woman.

There are lesser things I aspire to but do not know if they will hold my heart as dear as those I described earlier. In short I want change,

  • I have no idea who this will reach.
  • I have no idea how it will be received.
  • I have no idea why.
  • I have no idea what to do.
  • I have no idea where this will lead.

I do know that it was necessary, and that I need the help and compassion of those around me to help me realize my dreams.

Recently I started a new DND Campaign… stuff happens

So recently I endeavored to start a new Dungeon and Dragons campaign with a few of my friends, this is a glimpse into the world that I’ve created as a DM (dungeon Master) and a story carved out in the minds of the players.

So I guess that leads us into the characters of the campaign.

To start off we have

  • Tiefling Wizard named Ash Quest.

A former orphan who grew up on the streets struggling to make it by. Until he was taken in by a stranger name Aghto. Who cared for him and taught him the “ways” of the street. He owes Aghto his life. Ash leaves the streets when he finds steals an egg that provides unnatural warmth. It hatches into a dragonborn (half dragon half human creature), he adopts as its adoptive mother. Now he  struggles in the world raising a a baby dragonborn, trying to carve out a name for himself in the annals of Faerun.

He seems to always have “a guy” who can get something done for him. He also thinks all nice acts have a hidden evil intent.

  • His “child”

Pee Wiggles, you’ll have to ask his “mother” about his name, never the less, a dragonborn that naturally developed into a fury of nature. An overly intelligent 5 year old that can speak like 6 languages, to the frustration of the DM yours truly. He is currently impulsive young and generally good at pissing me off.

  • Yeo-Ja-a Artifact AKA “Art”

A Half-Elf Charlatan, a jokester someone who is always willing to soil your daughter and tell the story about it later. A prevaricator, a slanderer, and maybe a gentleman. An overly charismatic person constantly displaying his “wares”/

Interesting note: He has a raverse mohawk of blood red hair. He also has a tattoo “Path to Enlightenment” somewhere on his person, I’ll let your mind fill in the rest.

So these were the starting players. Since others have joined and as you join me on this most fantastic journey you will get to know and hopefully love the characters of the story.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!

Bartimaeus, The Amulet of Samarkand

Book by Jonathan Stroud,

I was recommended this book by a friend of mine and I am exceptionally grateful for it. Nothing piques my interest more than fantasy fiction, or in other words magic. Luckily for me this book was chalk full of it and puts an interesting spin on how we would perceive magic.

The book Follows a young man (apprentice) Nathaniel who is learning to be come a magician. Okay, so this part sounds kinda familiar, most of us have heard of Harry Potter by now. In this world Nathaniel is apprenticed to a magician who is working for the government. His master never really pays attention to him, thus allowing his brilliant 12 year old mind to work on projects of his own. Like summoning demons…

Did I mention that in this world the way that magicians get their power is from the summoning of demons. Things like imps, foliots, utukku and djinni. If you don’t know what they are research them, I do not feel like explaining it mostly because I’m lazy. So where were we, oh yeah, Nathaniel age 12 summoning demons. So without his masters consent he sets straight to it.

Low and behold, the namesake to the book, Bartimaeus a Djinni of the 14th level. Which might I add is rather impressive. He summons it and immediately sets it to work for him, having set all of the preparations correctly the djinni must follow his orders.

Like most other books, it’s a harrowing tale of fight and flight. With a hint of magic and wizardry, the two proceed to make all sorts of trouble and by the end gain a certain amount of fame and acknowledgement.

The story is fast moving and most readers will be able to fly through the 460 or so pages it takes to finish. A light read from a refreshing author with an interesting take on magic. I would definitely recommend this book to any body.

Is it a jacket or coat or both?

Recently while at work at an undisclosed offshore secret agency, my co workers and I fell upon a conundrum. One of the was wearing a coat, or that’s what I said. He said he was wearing a jacket. Now hold on mister, let’s take a trip down Google lane and figure this out. With another coworker who had my back we sent off down the trip that would change our lives…. or at least our outlook on coats and jackets.

So here is what I found out according to Wikipedia: A jacket is a mid stomach length garment for the upper body. A jacket typically has sleeves, and fastens in the front or slightly on the side. A jacket is generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat, which is outerwear. Some jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective clothing.

Now the definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary: a :  a garment for the upper body usually having a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets.

Here is what a “coat” is according to Wikipedia:A coat is a long garment worn by both men and women, for warmth or fashion. Coats typically have long sleeves and are open down the front, closing by means of buttons, zippers, toggles, a belt, or a combination of some of these.

Now the definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary: an outer piece of clothing that can be long or short and that is worn to keep warm or dry.

So in short i will continue to call it a coat because damn, this language is confusing without getting into etymology, or syntax or any of that other garbage.

To make a long post longer we were both right, even though he might never admit that fact the internet does not lie. 😉

So my sweater is a coat but not a jacket. My jacket is coat but not like my sweater is coat. His Long coat could never be a jacket, but chop off the coat tails and you have a nice lounge jacket. This track jacket has no sleeves so its not really a jacket? My coat I only wear indoors so its not outerwear so its not a coat.

Wait one second… So his coat may have been a jacket but wasn’t it also a coat. Damn I’m getting confused and would like your help. Do you use the term Jacket and Coat interchangeably like i do or are each their own separate thing?

We rely on our phone too much!

What is the first thing you grab in the morning, probably to turn the alarm off?

When your phone is missing, does it feel like your life is over?

I haven’t received a notification in like 8 minutes!!!!!! Everybody hates me!

When your phone dies, do you remember anyone’s number?

What would happen if cellular service just stopped and we couldn’t make phone calls to our loved ones? If the 911 system went down and we had an emergency?

So a few Interesting facts about Cell Phones

1. More people have cell phones in the world than those that have toilets.

2. In The early days of Cell phones they Sold for nearly $4000 (200 hundred doesn’t sound so bad now does it)

3. According to researchers from the University of Exeter in the U.K. Cell phones decrease guys chance of having babies by 8% when they keep a cell phone in their pocket over half the day.

4. When you blend an iPhone it turns to powder

5. 9 in 10 people experience the phenomenon of ghost vibrations, ghost ringing.

6. Cell phones contain 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles (gross, I touch them all day)

Just a few facts about our beloved devices.

All I’m saying is something has to give, we see it more and more where we can’t put down our cell phones and we are ignoring the possibilities in front of us because we are surrounded with beautiful shinning technology. We live in a day where communicating through technology is more prevalent than the spoken word.

I have a problem with that, I suppose I shouldn’t because it keeps me in a job, of which I am thankful to have. Seriously though let’s take a deeper look at our reliance on the little piece of technology called a cell phone.  We keep it in our pockets, guys just warning you its killing off your future babies. We hold it up to our ears and heads, yet most of us have no idea how it works or what makes cell phone technology tick.

I can tell you it’s not magic, even though it seems the majority of people believe that cell phone coverage should be everywhere and quite honestly anyone who believes it is stupid.

The fact that you can with something in your hand, call or text another human being across the planet is fucking extraordinary. The fact that it works nearly 99% of the time is really something we should be quite proud of… but we aren’t. It has to be perfect, when your phone does not make that call or the text didn’t send in 30 seconds the world…..




Stops, and you are left wondering what kind of piece of garbage you have. okay, that’s fine really, I understand where you’re coming from. WE have all been there, but don’t take it out on your phone or your cell carrier things happen. Just be happy that you can even attempt to do that in the first place.

I probably just sound like I’m whining but you can all deal with it. I hope that everyone’s cell phone breaks, and nobody is able to use them. That the infrastructure collapses, maybe not forever but just a short time. I just want to reintroduce us to humanity and stop the feeling of entitlement that we have because we live in “this day and age”.

So when it’s a nice day outside, go for a walk. Leave your cell phone at home. When you are at the dinner table put it down and talk to your family/ friends!

Also, I found this awesome idea while surfing the net. If you go out with your friends everyone takes their cell phones out and places them on the table. The first person to look at it pays everyone’s bill.


Pen and Paper Role Playing games (PNPRPG)

I play as many games like Dungeons & Dragons and Shadowrun as possible and honestly i think you should too.characters

First there is soo much to love about playing a game like this. You can be whoever want to be. You can do whatever you want, and you are only limited by your imagination on what you can accomplish in these games.

The basics, what do you need for Dungeons & Dragons?

Someone willing to create a story and be a rules master. You are called the GM (game master) or DM (dungeon master)

Books called the Core rule books.

Book one: the players handbook. This book has all you need to create your character. Has all the rules you need to understand the game mechanics, this is where an experienced DM comes in handy. Someone to guide you through the process.

Book two: The monster manual, this book has all the bad guys and monsters you could ever hope to face as an adventurer.

Book three: The Dungeons Masters guide, this is all the nitty gritty stuff, the stuff your DM will use to craft a story special to you. This book will have all of the valuable loot, you want to secure. The dragons hoard, the evil dictators legendary weapon. The King’s artifact of unfailing youth.

So you have the books, a group of friends you are willing to spend a significant amount of time with and most importantly your own dice. You can get dice online from amazon or you can support your local hobby or comics book shop. They carry the dice you will need.

After all of this you are ready to go, so whats next?

Creating your character; some of you have played video games before and have had a chance to customize your character, now you have control of everything. Ill run down a few examples but there is just too much to say here, If you want to know, you’ll just have to play.

So you pick your class, which is kind of like an archetype. What kind of character do you want to be? Do you want to be a powerful wizard wreaking havoc with fireballs or a raging barbarian tearing apart your foes with a trust battle axe? Maybe you want to fight from the shadows and steal your way to glory as a thief or you want to control nature and have a cuddly dire bear as an animal companion.

After the class you can pick your race, from humans elves and dwarves to monstrous races like dragonborn.

After you have the base picked out; you can then customize to your hearts content. Size, do you want to make them huge, or blue haired. Maybe you want to be a 4’8″ elf that is overly skinny and only weighs 90 lbs.. well you can. This is when you make the choices for your character that will affect who they are.

You can add personality quirks, you want your character to have turrets? this can be bad by the way. Ok we are going sneak up on that group of orcs is everyone ready? Krum the half orc Barbarian says “Sweet Sexy Cakes”… the group stares at Krum as the group of orcs rushes over to them after the uncontrolled expression out of the barbarians mouth. The group is slow to react each member of the party remains in a poleaxed state.

See sometimes not all ideas are good ideas. But if you really want to flesh out your character now would be the time to do it. Give them life, and most importantly make them unique. instead of being blond haired tall and good looking. Describe how they are good looking, or he has shoulder length blond hair wrapped up in a ponytail that hasnt been cut since his last defeat in battle.

The trick is getting creative, make them stand out, give them a backstory. Who was your characters family? why do they adventure? What are their secret motives? Are you good or bad, maybe somewhere inbetween?

Wow, all of this and we haven’t even started playing yet? thats right this part is as important as actually playing. Then again don’t get to attached its a game and well your character can get unlucky and die. It happens, take it as a time to move on and start over.

D&D is a game of creativity, adventure and fun. So get some friends together get a few books and give it a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed.